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Washington, DC — Where history books come to life!. Taking the journey into the “front yard of America” allows scholars to soak up all that they have learned in class and go beyond the books and lessons.

Students will be amazed to see the towering Washington Monument towering high in the sky, flanked on one end by the United States Capitol building, and the historic Lincoln Memorial at the other. They will get the chance to see all of the main monuments and memorials, as well as visit the more popular museums. No trip to DC for the schools is complete without meeting with their senators or congressmen. Students will love all of Washington D.C.s arts, diversity, and history. From its founding fathers to the happenings of the present day, this field trip will be educational and fun for everyone!.

3 Day DC
School Trip Itinerary

If you’re looking for the classic DC school trip with all the key highlights, this is the place to start.

4 Day Middle School DC Trip Itinerary

Adding a day to the classic DC trip allows your student to get to all theĀ 
must-see attractions and sites

5 Day High School DC Trip Itinerary

Take a deeper dive with a longer trip. Guided tours of the museums or the Arlington Cemetery Trolley and more.

8Th Grade Washington DC Trip Itinerary

The itinerary of an eighth-grade Washington, D.C., field trip has become a common experience among middle-school students. Washington D.C. allows students to get acquainted with our institutions and our government personnel. They learn about the rich legacy of our founding fathers and their lasting legacies.

They stand amazed, surrounded by iconic buildings. The museums let them view early powered planes from the Wright brothers, as well as the Concorde. In the morning, they get to see an original “Star Spangled Banner” later that afternoon, by Monet. Washington D.C. continues to impress each and every younger visitor every year.

Washington DC

Washington is named after George Washington, the first President of the United States and the founding father. The federal district is named for Columbia, a feminine avatar for the United States.

Today, Washington, D.C., is a 68-square-mile federal district, which is home to major government buildings, including the United States Capitol, which houses the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives; the White House, where the first United States President lived and worked; and the Supreme Court Building, which makes many of the courts major decisions. The view from the National Mall, between the Capitol, Washington Monument, the White House, and Lincoln Memorial, is known around the world as an icon of the United States of America. Washington has an unmatched collection of free, public museums, as well as several of the nations most treasured monuments and memorials.

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Washington DC School Trips

If you are looking for a destination that gives students a great exposure to American culture, the school trip to Washington, DC is an excellent choice. Check out our Washington D.C. school trip options below, and then contact one of our tour consultants to discuss your needs.

Trip Hacks D.C. tours are friendly to families and school groups, and our guides are experts in Washington, D.C.s top sites. Our tours are best for smaller schools that are not paying for the full package. Trip Hacks DC has led tours for students as young as 5th grade and as old as 12th grade.

Trip Hacks DC was founded by Rob, an experienced D.C. Tour Guide. Trip Hacks DC provides tips, tricks, and trip hacks to help plan your trip; as well as guided tours to show you around when you arrive.

A must-do for any student of politics, walking tours through Washington D.C.s vast array of political sites are an excellent way to see many of the most prominent and historic buildings and sites of Washington. Washington D.C. is full of landmarks, museums, and eclectic neighborhoods — a great destination for students to experience American history, politics, and culture. Modern cities infused with American history, D.C. and NYC are great places to take students on trips.

Take your students on a learning-based field trip to Washington, the hub of historic and political America. On a school trip to Washington D.C., your students will get the chance to explore Capitol Hill, including a guided tour of the Capitol building. A bustling center for U.S. politics, a Washington, D.C., school trip gives students a chance to explore the exciting, dynamic environment of the U.S. capital.

If you are an educator looking to plan a trip at the end of the year for your middle schoolers, consider putting the historic touches on it and visiting Washington. A unique twist on any DC trip would be visiting the Kennedy Center for a complimentary tour.

If you request it directly from the embassy in DC, school groups can get inside access to the iconic interior of the White House and do a self-guided tour of the place where Presidents — both past and present — resided. Students could tour the White House for some modern-day history, troop through Georgetown for a classic history lesson, and wander over to the Capitol Building for a guided tour. The walking tour takes your students along Pennsylvania Avenue, taking students past the iconic White House, George Washington Monument, and on down to the U.S. Capitol, home of the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, and the Library of Congress.

Discover the unique educational opportunities of The Newseum, the interactive museum of Washington, DCs history. Homeschoolers get the discounted price for their group of students when visiting. The Museums in Washington, D.C., provide field trips offering hands-on exhibits, guided tours, and guided activities for grades kindergarten to high school.

If you are not able to take a field trip to the museum, your students, Scouts, and families can still have these enriching, engaging experiences by scheduling a virtual museum field trip, wherever you are, at any time. When planning your field trip to Washington, D.C., teachers could easily make a meaningful field trip for their students that not only keeps them entertained, but educates as well. No matter what your dream field trip is, EDT can help bring it to your students. Whether you choose the classic field trip to Washington, D.C., or an action-packed, multi-city adventure, EDT can create the ideal itinerary for your education trip.

Fun Educational Places to Visit While Homeschooling in DC. Virtual Field Trips Online Enter a world of spies where nothing is as it seems, and your students will discover a new way of thinking about the world they live in. In a single, quick journey, your middle-school students will rack up valuable experiences that will deepen their understanding of their own rich history. Schools can go from one monument to another on the grounds of Washington, D.C., and students will love seeing their own history — not to mention, you will love the creative, enthusiastic side of your students that emerges from an adventure.

Your group of students will enjoy Washington, DCs world-class museums, moving memorials, and jaw-dropping memorials. Your group will be blown away by the ubiquity of Washington DCs free-to-see memorials and memorials. Being in DC and seeing cherry blossoms is something that you and your group should experience.

If your school has spring or fall break, take some time during your break to create memories with your students in Washington, D.C. Plan for memories: Take school trips to NYC during spring, early summer, or the end of the fall. Travel to DC in spring or fall with a student group, and avoid summer crowds and blistering heat and humidity.

Washington D.C. is more accommodating for large student groups than any city on the historic Eastern Shore. An immersion American Capital tour can prepare students well for college and career preparation. Washington, DC, has art museums, science museums, history museums, multicultural museums, and museums for kids.

The National Museum of the American Indian is located both in Washington, D.C., and in New York, N.Y. Located in Washington, D.C., visit the site to learn about the National Postal Museum. The National Capital Trolley Museums website provides lesson plans both related to field trips and unrelated to them, online activities for students, and other resources to help teach various science and natural history topics. This 95-minute, exhibit-based field trip takes students on a journey through the major themes in local history, from Washington, D.C.s founding and development of neighborhoods over time, to desegregation and ongoing fights over home rule.